Finding the Details

It’s come time for us to select all of the details that will define our new home. It’s made us really think about how authentic do we want to get? Do we want to be true to every original detail? They are tough choices.

Luckily for us, some of the original details are there to help us see them in place. Like the lights in the atrium. We decided we would like to have these be the same outside as well. It would give it a uniformed look and feel. We had a few challenges to face, in that the ones in the atrium had been painted and also where to find their matches.

atrium lights

Old painted light, but worth saving and striping

Ebay searching provided us with one. In fact, it was “brand new” still in the 1960’s box in which it came. We discovered a way to remove the paint on the two we had without damaging the aluminum. Buffing them with some steel wool made them look wonderful. Now we needed two more. We love to garage and estate sale to find such treasures, and amazingly enough right after we decided we wanted two more of these lights they presented themselves for $2 total at an estate sale. So, the outside and atrium lights are decided.

This led us to the front door. The current door has a piece of horrible yellow plastic above it (they were probably trying to make it look like it was glass), so we are going to replace the door, take out the space for the glass and make it an 8 feet tall door. The Eichler Network has been an invaluable resource for us. There we found Jon Jarrett’s vintage hardware for our door. He is an Eichler owner in Orange, CA, who makes vintage mid-century modern escutcheons (the metal panel in which a doorknob sits) as a hobby on the side of his profession as a machinist. We contacted him and placed our order. Since he make them as a hobby we were surprised how quickly we received it. Now we just need a door to put it on!!

Since my husband grew up in an Eichler, he was really drawn to the authentic house numbers.  We found a couple online that were making the Eichler house numbers. We decided for our Christmas gift this year to give this to each other. They had a version that was weather resistant rather than the original plaster paris ones. This is where we felt we could compromise on the authenticity, because living in Oregon with all the rain, these Corian numbers will last a lot longer.

We’ve accessed the Eichler network for our exterior siding. We are lucky in that this is what the house was done in originally, and since we don’t have to redo every panel, it will match perfectly. Jeff Nichols from Eicher Siding, has been great our contractor said. We’ve decided to cover a new garage door using the siding, so the door becomes invisible.

We also knew we wanted to keep the globe lighting for the entry and kitchen. We went through a couple iterations of colors for the hanging hardware. For awhile we thought about having the natural brass. But  we are now thinking of going with black.

lights and Numbers

Our refurbished lights, our new front door hardware and outside house numbers.

The flooring is going to be cork. The product has come along way since it was first put into these homes. We like the quietness of it, and also that it seems to fit with the house. It does seem authentic.

And the paint colors. Thank goodness for Benjamin Moore. We’ve been testing a lot of the colors to see them at different times of the day. We are almost there.

So many details, but we are finding our way.

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