Framing and the New Windows

There is nothing like driving up to your house and seeing it wide open!  It means something big is going to happen next and it feels like the project is really moving along.

wide open front

With our unpredictable weather, the house wasn’t open for long. The crew put the Super Jumbo Tex on and next came the Milgard aluminum framed windows which arrived right on time.

closed up front

It was especially fun to see how the old layout of the kitchen was with a door in the middle and two windows on each side, changed to one slider and one picture window.  We couldn’t stop smiling about how much we loved it!

We also added an operable window above the slider in our bedroom.


Peanut, the mascot overseeing  this phase of the project also gave a woofing approval for the living room slider.

new living room door

Another decision we went with was to remove the door frame in the small bedroom off the atrium and have the hallway wall be continuous into it. This room will be a den space and we wanted it to feel more open and bit larger.  This did the trick.  We will finish off the post to be like the others in the atrium, following the beam, so it will look like it was always this way.  We also removed the closet, so that space can have a desk and some storage shelves, that will be hidden away when you look across the house.

looking down the hall

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