What Lies Beneath Part 2

Previously, we had unearthed the outside of the house to locate where everything was.  Now, we have completed that process inside the house as well.  At first glance, it was a bit scary down there!

When we had to remove the old asbestos tiles in the kitchen, it was easier for them to just take out the whole floor.  This allowed us to see that what was happening “down under”.  It also gave us incredible access to repair and put in new duct work, put in new plumbing lines, and also get a vapor put in. It was also a lot easier to pull the new electrical wires and bolt the house to the foundation.  SO, while as first we were bummed they found the asbestos and we had to wait while they got the paperwork and tests all completed, it was a good thing in the end.

The crawl space is very tight, so holes were cut in each room to allow work to be done in an easier fashion.  This is going to enable us to get the vapor barrier in correctly too.  We learned there wasn’t any in the kitchen, and barely any in the rest of the house. Probably because it was just too tight for anyone to get under the duct work to put it in.

Just like the outside of the house, it will be nice to know where everything is, and how it all works and is put together.



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