Closing it up – siding & insulation. And our new 200 amp service!

It was an exciting day when the Eichler siding was delivered from California.  Sheets of the Wideline pattern piled in the carport getting ready to be installed.


The trim to be put on it is the most minimal possible.  Along with the new windows and doors, it’s starting to look like a house again. But at the same time, you see all of the other work that needs to still happen.  New gutters that look better, the fascia board with the old light that needs to be removed.  All things to add to the punch list.

A very exciting day was when the vapor barrier was put in, followed by the insulation.  Our crawl space and walls looked like giant pillows of cotton.  We decided to also insulate the master bedroom interior walls, so if you needed a little more quiet from the living room, it might help. Also the kitchen wall to the atrium is insulated. There was even an inspection for this phase as well.  We passed!  It’s amazing to think that there was no insulation or vapor barrier under the house at all.  It’s going to be so much warmer I am sure of that!

We also upgraded the electrical service, and it was fun to see the beefy lines of power being installed.  Now the house has 200 amp service.  It also have a brand new fuse box, so nicely labeled too.


The dunnage doors have been put in so they can drywall.  I can’t wait to take the photos of this, as then the rooms will be defined again, and it will feel like a huge change.  It’s been open for awhile now, and you sort of get use to that expansive feel, seeing through everything.

I’ve got to put together our paint colors and tiles and floors as that is going to be happening before we know it.  I’ve got mood boards, and just have to get the photos loaded.  Stay tuned!

3 thoughts on “Closing it up – siding & insulation. And our new 200 amp service!

  1. Really great to finally read this blog! What a great project so sensitively carried out by you! I know that Eichler siding well….lived with it from ages 0-8. We will miss you as neighbors but see that you will really enjoy your new home.

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    • Hi Tommy,
      When we resided we used a product from Calif called Eichler Siding. And we were not happy with the quality, and it was expensive. Our neighbor who has a Rummer too, just built a shed and we talked to his guy doing it because their siding looked really great. He said they purchased good quality plywood from Lake Side Lumber, it was about $60 a sheet and then took it to Columbia Components 503-691-1916 who milled it for them, and it seemed very reasonable. If we do anything further we will go that route, since it’s local and it looked way better. Good luck! Thanks for finding mine blog and reading it!


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