Let there be light!

The big windows in the back, the front and the atrium all got replaced.  This hadn’t been our intention, but when one was broken during the demolition, we ended up getting quotes.  The back huge windows had horrible storm windows put on, with a huge space between the other window.  They looked terrible, so we bit the bullet and got the new windows.

The ones on the front of the atrium didn’t match and the small ones were some horrible yellow plastic. We decided to put clear glass in their spots, do you can see the beam details across the house.  The ones above the garage had so much paint on them, that they too had to go.  We tried to remove it, but from the textured glass it was really difficult.

When a post in the atrium needed to be replaced, and that window was removed, they couldn’t but it back in because it wasn’t tempered glass, so now we will have new windows there as well.

So now the house really will have all new windows with the exception of the three inside sliders in the atrium.


The old front of the atrium

The mismatched front textured windows and the horrible yellow plastics pieces!

Front Garage old windows

Front garage old windows and old atrium front windows

New Atrium windows

New atrium front windows

New back windows

New back large windows and slider


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