Setting the Mood

So, the outside is closed up and the infrastructure is in place.  All the stuff that no one ever sees, but mean a lot for the livability of your house.  It’s one of the those funny things, that most people never think about. So many remodels don’t touch that piece.  They do a fluff and buff, the new kitchen, baths etc, but not the electrical and plumbing and that underbelly stuff that makes it all work and makes it safe.  I am glad we ended up taking the house down to the studs and spending the time to do these things.  But now it’s on to the fun stuff that everyone will see.

We created a mood board and had small samples of all the  pieces that I carried around in an oversize purse for months.  This way we were prepared to make any decision needed if we happened into a store and wanted to match something.

mood board

Cork floors, bath room tiles, cabinet doors of eco fir

We even had fabric swatches for possible colors for a couch, so we could see what they looked like during different times of the day.  Bette, our cat had to weight in on the fabric too.  We let her look at samples at our other house, and she liked the golden yellow.

bette helps

Designer Bette helps select the couch fabric

One of the very important details for the house is the sheet rock.  We did not want to have any molding, no texture, and wanted just a very clean edge.  It took five weeks to do, but it looks great.

Knowing these interior details and seeing the walls get completed, takes us to the next phase. A phase that will show what we have selected being installed!

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