Tiles, Doors & Floors, oh My!

This phase of the project had a lot going on.  The tilers, painters and floor installation all worked liked a symphony.  One being featured, while occasionally one came in for a short solo, and then sometimes they were working in unison around each other. It was a marvel to see.

There are two bathrooms.  One in the master and one in the hall between two back bedrooms with a door leading to the outside. The hall bath will have an opaque glass door to bring in light and make it feel larger too.  The door featured in these photos is just a temporary door.

In the master, we put in a steam shower, with a hanging toilet and pocket door in one area.  In the middle is a sink and the other side is a walk in closet.  We put in heated floors as well. This way you can take a shower or use the toilet with the privacy of the pocket door (which also helped with space issues), while someone else uses the sink area. Since the bathroom isn’t that large this provided a viable solution.

We selected the tiles from Area Floors at the recommendation of our tiler. The floor tiles are ceramic and larger pieces, and the showers in both baths are 4 x 16 subway tiles stacked vertically.  We didn’t want to get overly fancy with the tiles, as we wanted it to be more timeless and not too trendy.   We can add pops of color on the walls or with the towels to change the mood as styles change.

We had special bypass doors made for the closets to be much like what is in an original Eichler.  We took the header up so there was maximum closet space too. These are the doors before they got painted.

Seeing how they painted the all the doors was really fun.  They filled our living and dining room up and it seemed as they were suspended in air. The first coats of paint have been put on the walls and ceiling.  We are using all Benjamin Moore colors.  For the ceiling and walls we selected Decorator White OC-149. For the beams we went with Chantilly Lace OC-65.  The white provides us just a clean pallet with which to work from.  We have vibrant rugs and art, so the white will be a good back drop to show these off.

We decided on cork floors throughout the house with the exception of the bathrooms. We felt it had the right feel for the Rummer, and that is what would have been there originally. It is also quiet and soft to stand on.

The cork floors being installed made a huge difference, as it started to feel like we were getting closer to the finish line. Though the dust and dirt remind me how far we have still have to go.

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