It’s Summer, Let’s Prepare for the Bocce

Summer is here, and that means we are longing for some sort of back yard space to be completed before we inhabit our new digs.  The plan is to get the patio out back done, the side walk ways completed so we can move about the outside doors of the house comfortably, and the retaining wall in for the bocce ball court.

We have a big yard, so we’ve broken it up into sections.  The back patio and bocce ball court will our entertaining space.  The patio will be poured in six foot grids to match the beams in the house, so the inside flows naturally to the outside.  The retaining wall will have planters behind it to create a break from the Bocce ball court to the patio.  There will be a pond on one end of the patio as well to soften the concrete and also provide a nice soothing soundscape to the yard.   On the wall outside of our master bedroom, the wall comes around the corner hugging our red twigged dogwood and changes height, and a cantilevered bench will wrap around this corner too.   The dogwood is magnificent in the winter with it’s red twigs and provides a nice privacy screen in the summer. David, our Landscaper, came up with the bench idea so we can be out there anytime it’s nice, even in the winter.

This is a big project, and the yard had more grading that had to be done first. More than 47 cubic yards of soil were removed.  Next the footings for the wall were poured.  We lucked out that is temperature was perfect for the concrete, and not too hot for the landscapers either.  The days leading up to this when they were putting in the re-bar, it was very hot.

After the footings were done, the retaining wall was put into shape.  It was quite the scene when the truck arrived in the front of the house, as the garage door was being sided, and we had a full crew working in the house as well.


We had to pitch in to poke holes in the cement wall and vibrate it, so the cement would cure properly.  Here I am helping with all my might.

IMG_0541While it might be next summer that a Bocce ball tournament is in order, at least we’ll be ready!

Here are photos of the patio and walk ways on the sides of the house and the retaining wall coming together.

And some more finished photos, with the bocce court included.


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