Everything is Shipshape in our Bathrooms. Making the most out of small spaces.

All the HGTV shows make you think that every bathroom needs to have a double vanity with two sinks.  Neither of us grew up with a bathroom that had more than one sink. For the last 20 years we lived in a 1923 house with pedestal sinks and very little storage, and for that matter very small bathrooms all together. So no double sink needed. One thing to delete off the must have list!

But what did we want out of our bathrooms?  We would be working within the original footprint of the house, but it still allowed us an opportunity to configure in a way that would work well for us.  For my husband, a steam shower was a must in the master.  For me, a tub in the 2nd bath that had a wide lip to sit on so I could rinse off my feet after gardening. The second bath has a door that leads outside, so it’s perfect clean up spot for me, so I don’t have to track across the whole house. We also wanted to try and get as much storage space as possible.

Because we were down to the studs, we were able to put in new pipes and insulation and the supports needed for the hanging toilets.

The master is on-suite in the bedroom. You see the sink area from the bed, so we wanted it to look clean and neat, shipshape as they say!  We decided to use a standard base IKEA kitchen cabinet in the master, with the space above the cabinet furred out so the counter top is only 20 inches deep, but is still has a full 24 inches of storage in the cabinet itself. We used the features such a the pull out trash section for our dirty clothes and the dish towel pull out rack for our hand towels so they disappear . We also got a Kohler mirror with led lights built in along with electrical plugs inside it for the electric tooth brushes etc, so everything is out of the way.

In the shower area we put in a bench so you can relax while steaming. We also put in body sprays in the shower that adjust. A hanging toilet saved room and we splurged for a bidet toilet seat. The warm seat is sure nice on cold winter nights. There is a small IKEA cabinet in this section as well. It’s the towel cabinet and also hides the toilet paper holder. Having a sliding glass door that separates the shower and toilet from the sink area makes the bathroom really user friendly for the two of us.

We put in heated floors that are on a thermostat  in the whole bath area, including the closet. There is nothing like having your slippers warm when you get up in he morning. We also did custom doors on the IKEA cabinets from Semi-Handmade, just like we did in our kitchen.

master closet

In the second bath that has door leading to the outside, we decided to put opaque glass in, so the space felt lighter and bigger. The hanging toilet and small hanging cabinet as well as the mirrored wall also aided in making it feel bigger.  We were really happy with how it turned out, as it was pretty horrible when we got the house with a dropped ceiling. One of the things that was a challenge was finding a sink we liked that was round and that was also small enough.  We found a sink, but didn’t like the fixture it has, so swapped with another one that went well with what we selected for the tub.

hall bath finished
Having thought out our needs for the uses of these bathrooms, we maximized the storage. Everything has a spot. Perhaps that’s what it’s like living on a ship. So everything is shipshape in our new spaces!

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