The Craft Cubby

When it came to designing the Craft Cubby in my office, the inspiration came from the free standing shelving unit that had been in my husband’s parents first Eichler they owned in the early 60’s in Lucas Valley.  A showroom in San Francisco was carrying what was called the Blindheim Møbelfabrikk “ERGO”, from Norway  and made from teak.  

As the story goes my husband’s mom went to the showroom and convinced the store to sell her the unit at a discount.  She told the store they could send people to see how perfectly it went in this new modern designed home.  So, she got a great deal and no one ever came to see it!  This shelving unit, with its module snap together ease, and various components that can moved around from sliding door cabinets, to a desk, a magazine rack, and even a locked bar, had been in the family until we bought our Rummer.  And now we have it.  It fit perfectly in my husband’s office as if it were made for the space.  There was an extra section of it, so I claimed it for my office.  

We had turned the bedroom off the atrium into an office, by removing the door frame to make it more spacious and open. We also removed the traditional closet.  The closet space was going to be the perfect spot for my craft cubby and work area. We were able to put in a directional light and electric plugs in the exact spots we wanted when the house was down to the studs. You can click on the images to enlarge to see the details. 

The sliding doors at the top fo the ERGO shelving unit seemed like a good design feature to replicate in the cubby to be built. Under the sliding doors shelves to fit my boxes that hold my crafting materials we made so every inch of space was used well. We used a IKEA 24 inch deep base cabinet for the lower storage. The desk was made to be standing height but also has a space for a stool underneath. We thought having some bright colors on the drawers would be a fun touch too.    Here is the install and finished craft cubby!  


finshed cubby

3 thoughts on “The Craft Cubby

  1. Hi! Do you still have the extra shelf (or shelves) from the ERGO unit? I just inherited a unit that is missing a couple of shelves; I’d love to buy them from you if they’re still available! Thanks, Jill


    • Hi Jill, What a great thing to inherit. Unfortunately we used all of our pieces. My husband has a whole wall of it in his office. There is a place we found called Look Modern here in Portland, OR. We went there looking for a bracket for a shelf and he had a whole lot of the pieces in the back, but not the brackets to hold up the shelves. You might call him, the # is on their website. I didn’t see them on his website, but I know they had them. They ship things all over the place. Good luck.


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