Spring is a Reason to Celebrate

For us, as for many, one of the most anticipated times of the year is the first day of spring, or the vernal equinox, which takes place on or around March 20. It’s also our anniversary. When we were married, the official first day of spring was March 21st. It’s the time when the sun finally creeps back north of the equator, bringing with it warmer weather—and putting smiles on everyone’s faces.

As we walk the yard, we check the buds on the trees that will soon be morphing into greenery. We’ve been somewhat concerned with all the hardscape and changes made that some of the roots might have been injured. But we find that is not the case, to our relief. We marvel at our ribbon bark cherry tree and its bark fire dancing in the sun, as the wind springs our chimes to life in our Styrax japonicus, the Japanese snowbell that will be the corner stone of our Japanese Garden area. The clear blue sky sets off the dramatic red twig dogwood that glows in the afternoon on the other side of the patio.

Ribbon Bark Cherry

Ribbon Bark Cherry

Red Twig Dogwood

Red Twig Dogwood

After the dark and cold days of winter, a thread of happiness and a sense of renewal fills our souls. As we stroll and pick the small weeds from the yard and trim the blue berry bushes we notice the many new birds who have joined the garden, like the proud red robins. The adorable little bushtits swarm the suet feeder, but also welcome their many new friends.

red robin

Red Robin


Bushtits feeding

Soon we will be planting the yard and will witness another transformation.   Yes, Spring is a reason to celebrate.

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