Naming the House

On our travels we have often noticed that many houses had a name.  We liked this concept.  It seemed to personalize a home and perhaps even helped describe its vibe and give it a personality. 

Our last home was a gorgeous 1923 and had a very French Normandy quality to it.  So we went French with the name too and christened her Belle Esprit, which is Beautiful Spirit. We made a name plaque for our 1923 home using an old iron sign we found at an antique store. We hung it near the front door.  We had a lot of fun using the name on our wine labels and on invitations to parties. 

belle esprit

When we bought our Rummer and knew this house had a pedigree all its own, we wondered what we would name it.  It didn’t take long to come up with the name, as once you are inside the house you’ve entered a cocoon so to speak, as you have no idea what’s happening out in front of the house.  You leave everything behind once you enter the atrium, since all the front windows are opaque.  So we decided to name it Bella Bolla, or Beautiful Bubble.  

I had visited a friend at the Oregon Coast and attended a ceramics workshop she was teaching and we happened to be making house numbers or plagues.  So I made one for my gardening shed, as I knew the look would never go with the design of the house.  But I love it anyway.  And this years wine labels will don the Bella Bolla name too!   


  It’s a nice tradition to give your house a name.  We love our Beautiful Bubble and the serenity that the house brings us.  It’s a fitting name for the house and we think both Eichler and Rummer would approve.

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