The Gardener’s Journal

Having the new large yard filled with sun, there are many new plants in our pallet. Our last house was for shade lovers only, so this is a new journey for us. To know what is going to work where, I decided to create a gardener’s journal.  I’ve kept the tags from each plant and also water colored them, so I can remember what they look like a year from now at this time.  I know there are many journals you can purchase, but I enjoy creating my own.



We decided to tackle just the back patio portion of the yard first.  This is what we see from our living room, dining room and bedroom.  It made sense to start here first with the summer outdoor entertaining time coming up as well.  Plus the whole concept of the house is having it feel like you are one with nature, so we thought we should put some in place.

living room view of patio

The vine maples, hostas, ferns and mahonia’s right outside the big windows.

We didn’t know we would have a bunny that liked to trot into our yard on our daily basis when we were doing our planting. Mr. Bunny seems reluctant  to cross over the bocce court thankfully and we discovered that everything we planted is not pleasing to Mr. Bunny.  Dumb luck!

We made a effort to select drought tolerant and hardy plants.  The weather has gotten hotter each summer, so we wanted to be very water conscience.  It’s one of the reasons we took out all of the grass and put in the bocce court and are creating the Japanese garden area on the side of the house.

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