The Perfect She Shed

I wanted the perfect gardening shed.  We looked at various prefab kits, as there are a lot of modern options out there.  Even Costco had a roadshow that featured a very modern option. They aren’t cheap.  So my husband drew up a design that fit the space perfectly, was built just like the house with the beams in the same spans, the same siding and roof, and it was actually about the same cost as if we had purchased one.  But mine is better, as it’s custom to what I wanted.  It also matches the house so it doesn’t look like your typical shed, instead it seems like it was just meant to be there. 


It is built on a cement slab with a cement sidewalk behind it and a curb to the fence line.  The front has a slider just like the ones on the house, and windows at the top for light to stream in. The one wall in this section also has the exterior siding on it, as too mimic the atrium feel where you bring the outside to the inside.  We left the other wall plain and just painted it. One wall we put up peg board that was left in the original garage, so it looks nice and vintage, and then we put shelves up on the remaining wall and didn’t even finish that one off, so it could be used in any manner needed.  

It was sited across from the external bathroom door.  This way when I’m dirty and done for the day, I can wipe off my shoes on the special grate that was put in outside the door, and get right in the shower without tracking all through the house.  Eventually there will be a nice path to the door surrounded by the raise beds that are yet to be built. 

The tool section is separate from the main part, so the dirty tools have their own spot and door from the back.  We painted that door orange like the other external doors.

The reason I call this a She Shed, rather than just my gardening shed, is that it contains all those “cutesy” items that don’t go in our very modern designed house. It has a bird theme, as we had a beautiful wooden wall piece of birds that we found at an estate sale that I wanted to use as the corner stone.  There’s also a birdhouse I made, and some fun little birds I’ve found here and there. 

I put up my tiny Mary Medda terra cotta sculpture of a little girl swinging. Mary, was a good family friend growing up, and she had done busts on my brother and me, but they were destroyed in an earthquake in L.A. So, having this remaining piece from her means a lot. I also put up some ceramics we got in Spain and Portugal.  The Macramé wall hanging that our son’s girlfriend made for me, gives a little mid century vibe, as that can soon be forgotten with all my other items I couldn’t part with from my mom’s house.  It’s nice being able to have a place to have these where they will get used. The fun life size cut out, that our artist friend Ben Rosenberg made guards the shed!  

Being able to have all my vases in plain sight, so I can make displays for the house is really nice.  I’ve never had a spot like this.  I even put our portable painting easels in here is case we want to do some plain air painting in the garden! 

I have my bulletin board up so I can keep my garden watercolor here and make notes for next years garden.


The finishing touch was my husband’s mom’s stain glass sun that his parents got at the 1968 summer Olympics in Mexico City. The light streams through it and it just makes it a happy spot to gather my gardening gloves and set off to work! 


One thought on “The Perfect She Shed

  1. This looks so great! I’m going through the same process and have decided to build my own as well. I want to emulate the Eichler look with the beam sand nearly flat roof. Do you happen to have any additional photos or info about this build? I’m trying to plan the roof and am getting hung up on how to incorporate the beams and rafters while not having a completely flat roof and what roof materials to use. I would love to hear more details about this if you’re willing to share.



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