The Unplanned Surprises in the Garden

You can plan a yard all you want but it’s those unexpected surprises that you didn’t expect that make you mortal!  Finding the Japanese irises that made it through the yard regrading project, like they knew they belonged just where they were.


Finding out that the transplanted irises from a neighbor went perfectly with the lilac tree. They were a gorgeous deep purple and a lovely pairing to the lighter purple of the lilac tree. The neighbor didn’t know what color they were, so they were planted with a “waiting to see” attitude and with the possibility of being replanted if they didn’t work there.  But they knew they belonged there too.

The peonies that we didn’t know about with it’s gorgeous flowers. They day Lillies that clustered in just the right spots. The poppies and roses that fill the house with burst of color as cut flowers.  The indigenous azalea with and orange burst that makes me smile, even though it has a limited bloom, it’s worth it.    It’s these unplanned surprises that while we thought the yard was just going to be a bunch of dirt as we waited to get it landscaped, have made our spring a delight.  Sometimes nature just knows what works best and where.

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