Bark Dust – The Finishing Touch

To me the bark dust was like fairy dust being added into the yard. A little face life for an area that was looking pretty sad. After a good bark dusting it just looks so aesthetically pleasing and polished.  I like how it show cases the plants that didn’t get noticed before like the Japanese iris and the Agapanthus.  It also hides the imperfections that are in that area. 

We have one side of the yard that is being put off until the fall or even next spring to finish the landscaping.  There was just a bunch of dirt that had been sort of left where the evacuator had strewn it.  So, we had it moved about here and there to be more functional and then covered it with bark dust.   I had been weeding it daily, and with the bark dust it will now save me that task.

Here is why we opted to cover this space until we are ready for our next phase.

1. It’s a Natural Weed Suppressant – it blocks out the sunlight and air for seeds that causes the weeds. Yippee! Plus, I don’t like to use any chemicals in the yard, so this is another plus.

2. It helps retain moisture. –  With June kicking off to be one of the hottest on record, this will be very a great way to help retain moisture in hot weather throughout the summer.  It will also prevent excess moisture during our rainy months. I like the fact that it helps with water conservation. 

3. It improves soil structure – as it decomposes over time it will create a nice topsoil, packed with new nutrients. It also helps to add beneficial bacteria and nitrogen to the soil .

4. It provides erosion control – because a lot of this side of house is just dirt, and yet to be planted, the bark dust will help the soil from washing away when we have a lot of rain.  It wasn’t a problem this past year, but better safe than sorry.  


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