Finding Mid Century Outdoor Furniture

With the outdoor living room finally painted and ready to use, it was time to look for some furniture.  We have a lot of spots in the yard where we can have furniture. Even what we call the “grotto” under our honey bush tree that beckons you to come sit in the heat of the day. 


With so many spots in the yard, we began taking some folding chairs and setting them about and sitting there thinking about how we would use that space.  How would we want it to function?  Would we have our dining table under the covered living room area?  Or would a couch set up be better there?

We had a garden party for 15 people in May for the Derby and set up small sets of tables and seating areas on the patio with old things we had, just to see what it felt like.  


We decided to use the outdoor living room as more of a gathering spot for appetizers and drinks.  This would work well for bocce balls games with a couple or two over, or for our coffee and cribbage bi-weekly get togethers. It also would work well for bigger parties for people to sit and chat, and there is room to put the portable bar table up there when needed, and also add some more chairs. 

One of the frustrating things is that there were a lot of really great looking mid century selections online, but we wanted to be able to sit on them before we bought them.  So this limited our search to the stores in our area.  It did require some driving around to try it out. We also noticed a lack of mid century designs.  So much of outdoor furniture is some sort of wicker. 

We wanted it to be durable, and stylish.  We opted for gray cushions as they won’t show the dirt as much. We used bold splashes of color for pillows and accent pieces. Our side tables are actually cubes that have lights in them, and we can program them in different colors. 

Lighting was also something we thought would be fun for some ambience.  So we found solar lights that are in ball shapes to mimic what’s in the house, and got a bunch of difference sizes.  They look great as they glow to life when the sun goes down.


Then we thought that having 4 other nice comfortable and stylish chairs that could be put configured into either sets of two or a set of four depending on what we were doing.

Being able to store it, getting covers, was also something we considered when making our decision. 

We did learn that by Mother’s Day in May, the outdoor furniture was already on sale and by early June it was nearly gone and 50% off. The season it seems for furniture is before summer starts.  So don’t wait until actually summer to get your furniture!  But at least now we have some key pieces and are ready to entertain.  We are still on the look out for for the dining chairs, but we’ll be patient.  We can use our wooden fold up’s till we find what we really like. 

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