The Farmers Market in our Back Yard!

For years we were religious attendees of our local farmer’s market.  Now that we have our new nice sunny yard, we planted our own small bounty to harvest.  Kale, onions, various lettuce varieties, peppers, radicchio, herbs, parsley and some heirloom tomatoes is what we planted this first year.

Our next door neighbor fills in the other holes for a lot of our vegetable needs. The other day I went over and picked fresh snap peas. He has planted broccoli, asparagus, squash, zucchini, and a number of other delights we will receive later in the growing season. 

He has 19 chickens so we get our fresh eggs from him with the added bonus of hearing “the girls” and their sweet sounds along the fence when I am weeding.  And of course, we hear them really make a bit of commotion when they are laying their eggs, but it’s a rather fun sound as we know there are some fresh eggs with our name on them.

In our old house we didn’t have enough sun to grow a vegetable garden.  There is great joy in picking a head of lettuce, or cutting some kale to incorporate into dinner.

With our lettuce we have enjoyed some beautiful salads.  It’s also been used on our fish tacos.

The kale was used as the filling for enchiladas along with mushrooms, corn and onions. It was also cooked up with some white beans and sun-dried tomatoes as the base for a sausage. 

We still go to the market for our radishes, mushrooms, and other things that are needed, but we are enjoying having our own little garden.  We are able to put something fresh into every meal.  It’s almost like having a mini farmer’s market in our back yard!

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