Year One in our Mid Century Rummer

It’s been exactly one year since we moved into our midcentury modern Rummer home.  It feels like we’ve always lived here.  Perhaps it’s the familiarity that harkens back to our 1960’s childhood memories. The design of the house and furniture are a direct connection to our youth. I think we both find this very comforting. 

Mid-century design has a timeless look. The house feels so fresh and the design has stood the test of time. Being back in the suburbs with the young families around provides an optimistic outlook. 

Our house is so efficient and functional in it’s design.  While the square footage isn’t large on paper, because of all of the windows and the atrium, it lives much bigger.  Also the light that spills throughout adds to it living large. 

With the windows inviting the outside in, and the mid-century modern style reflected in the natural materials like the post and beam structure, along with the cork floors, it feels natural to live here. 

livingroom fireplace view

One of the things we enjoy most is that once you enter the house, as there are only obaque windows on the front, is that you feel like you are in a cozy cocoon.  You have no idea what is happening in the front and you have complete privacy and peace.  

A lot has happened in the year since we moved in.  We’ve had a cycle of celebrations.   We had our first Thanksgiving. We have a dinner party for 14 at the holidays and the house functioned beautifully.  We even put a disco light in the atrium to create a festive ambience.   Our first Christmas in the house, and while our fireplace insert wasn’t in yet, we put video of a fire on our T.V. and somehow in the house it actually looked just right!  Our first Valentines. And many dinner parties and celebrations in between. With each celebration we got a bit more put together. The house functions beautifully for entertaining.

Our cat sits and waits for us on the couch.  Or she beckons us to sit in our Eames chair  with her.  She loves the house as much as we do.  We are all at home here.  On the one year anniversary of moving in, it all feels right.   

One thought on “Year One in our Mid Century Rummer

  1. Your home is so beautiful! It looks like something out of a magazine. You clearly have fabulous taste and a wonderful eye for decorating. Your dinner settings are absolutely lovely!!


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