A Second Season of Celebrations!

16 months in the house and we’ve had our second season of celebrations.  We finished off a few more items on our list of things we had wanted to do during our renovation.  

The first was the addition of the gas fireplace insert. It heats the living room so nicely we no longer needed our YouTube Yule log for Christmas!  Our cat also gives it a purr-fect rating.  She wants it on every night now, which is fine since it’s winter.


New gas insert warms the room and kitty too!

The second thing we completed was the back splash in our kitchen.  It was just painted white this whole time as we thought about what we would want. We had gone through a number of iterations.  At one point we had some very dimensional tiles selected.  But the reality of how much we use the kitchen and the cleaning of the stove area brought us to realize that the fewer the grout lines the better.  So we actually opted for a completely clean look and went with the same quartz material as the counter top.  It’s so easy to clean up and it’s very modern too.  


New quartz back splash installed for easy clean up and modern look.

As we made little additions to furniture here and there, the house continued to serve as an excellent entertaining space.  We have started new traditions in this house, like a sit down holiday dinner party.  




The atrium serves as a wonderful appetizer gathering spot.

We are very grateful for how well everything has progressed along.


We continue to love how the light streams through the house too.  On this particular day it made our bounty look like a still life painting.


We are excited to see what 2020 has in store.

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