The Front Yard Transformation

The front yard was the last piece of the whole remodel and re-landscaping project for our 1962 Mid-century house.  

The front yard takes all of the same materials as the Japanese garden we created on the side yard, and is an abstraction of that.  Representing a convergence of the architecture, gardens and environment.

Being at the end of a cul-de-sac, the front yard is quite large.  We wanted to draw people up a path to the house, rather than have them walking through the car port to the front door.  

With the new design we are hoping to engage our guests with nature and design along the way. Perhaps enticing them to stop to appreciate a tranquil moment on one of the immovable rocks or visit our playful sculpture. 

We wanted the front to be low maintenance, drought tolerant, and have a beauty in the materials themselves.

Here are some before and after photos and also a video of the project to enjoy. 


This was what the front looked like before.  Much of the fence in the front was hiding the majority of the house.

Now the house had steps leading you to up to the front of the house and much more of the house is visible.

3AFBC1EB-D79D-4EE6-A0C8-366D0AF2830BThese were the planter beds before.  They were rotted so had to be replaced.


New planter beds


Another view of new planter beds

The new planter beds were made with materials that were more in keeping with the architecture of the house.

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