From Our Yard to Our Table

Back at the end of February when our raised planter beds were finally completed, we had an inkling we might be in this pandemic for the long haul. So in addition to our planter beds we used all the other available sunny spots in our yard to plant produce.  I know it’s usually referred to as Farm to Table, but we don’t have a farm, just a yard, so it’s our Yard to Table! 


We direct-seeded our radishes, carrots, and lettuces. We lucked out and a neighbor provided us a multitude of tomatoes plants, peppers, and eggplants. We also got starts for cucumbers, kale, chard,  walla walla onions, shallots and I am sure I forgetting some, but you get the point.  It’s our own victory garden so we don’t have to rely on going to the store too much.

We have our herb section with parsley, sage, cilantro, mint, thyme, winter savory. 8 blueberry plants round out the edible delights.


Our days are spent in our garden, tending it, and seeing what’s ripe for dinner.  Our depression parents are often a topic of conversation to see how we can use every little thing we have and waste nothing.  When our arugula bolted early, we turned it into pesto.  


The nasturtiums not only can adorn a salad or dress up appetizers, but also the seed pods are put into a solution of water and salt to make capers.  Everything gets used somehow. 

We aren’t expect gardeners in the least, so we are learning along the way.  We feel so fortunate to have the space and time and be able to harvest it daily and bring it directly from our yard to our table!

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