A Day in the Garden

On July 25th, I thought I would visually document our garden.  While I keep a written gardening journal of what and when we planted, also documenting details about the plants, I wanted to “see” how things looked.  I thought it would be interesting to look back next year on the same day and see what we were harvesting and eating.  

So here is my photo journal of what took place this year culminating in a video done on July 25, 2020.  I am amazed at the growth of the garden, and also enjoy seeing the other plants in the photos and how they did as well.  

On March 22nd we put on our first crop. We had an extremely warm start to our spring this year which was great for the garden. 

Our starts just planted along with seeds

By April 13th things were really sprouting

Our seeds are sprouting as you can see

By April 25th we were enjoying our first radishes

Tasting our first radishes during cocktail time and cribbage

April 29th  our tomatoes, peppers and eggplant went in

We were fortunate that the previous owners left their cages for the tomatoes
We hadn’t planned it, but planting the peppers along the bocce court was ideal as it’s so sunny all day and they love it there!

And April 30th salads were in full swing!

Some of our first lettuce we enjoyed

By May 17th we were daily harvesting from our garden with our lettuce, kale, chard, onions.  Our tomatoes were growing well, as were the peppers and eggplants. 

Another sunny in the garden, amazing for Oregon!

July 4th we were picking ripe blueberries and by July 25th, we had almost completed our harvest of them. 

Every day for the month of July we got several full bags of berries! Netting really helped us keep the birds from eating them all.

On July 21st we were already drying our shallots and some garlic.

We had some left over wood and a piece of screen that we created a drying rack from

We were picking cucumbers on July 21st at well!


Now enjoy the video of what we harvested to bring to our table on July 25th!  Including tomatoes, cucumbers and padron peppers! 

Our eggplant is starting to look beautiful too.  It will be interesting to compare visual notes a year from now. 



4 thoughts on “A Day in the Garden

  1. Hi , what a great way for you to chronicle the planting and growth of your garden! Everything is so beautiful and yummy looking! Just curious, and have never ask you about the details of your soil in your raised beds’. This is another way to stay connected in these Covid times. Bet you two already have plans for fall planting?! Xo, Donna

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    • Thanks for reading Donna! When we had to bed built they were filled with some dirt from our yard, chicken manure from our next door neighbor, and some bags of organic soil. We had been composting for the year prior, so took some of that and the lovely worms and added that in as well. It’s been a fun project and a good way to stay busy during this pandemic, that’s for sure.


  2. Loved your video, and your garden is pretty. It is a joy to venture into the garden, and let it’s bounty determine the menu each day. This time of year, we need more meals per day to use it all! It was my happy place before Covid, but this year the potager has definitely been a blessing.


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