Why We Love Skylights

Our covered atrium in our 1962 Rummer built A Quincy Jones design has operable skylights. They create a gentle buffer between us and the world outside. When we awaken in the morning we look to see what is featured on our skylights!  Whether it be the sunlight streaming through the glass or the reflections it provides on our many windows, or the pattern of the clouds, it never ceases to delight us. 

The skylights make the house feel alive. The sky is constantly changing and it makes us feel connected to the nature outside. Our scenery changes throughout the day due to the skylights in our atrium. We see the sunrise and the moonrise from our skylights. 

The natural light from the skylights bathe the house in a warm glow. Even in the dark winter months there is no need to turn a light on during the day. 

Our three favorite things about our skylights are:

1. Natural light –  we depend less on artificial lights to brighten your living space

2. Adding nature – we can grow healthy and happy house plants in our atrium

3. Added space  – it makes our house feel bigger and is a wonderful entry area for a party. 

Our Skylights are operable, so in the warmer months we can open them and feel the outside too with a nice breeze.  Skylights actually help clean your indoor air. Using them in conjunction with the other windows in your home to create a chimney effect can help clear out stale old air and let in fresh air. 

Bette, our cat, also loves to feel the warmth of the sun that stream through the skylights.

2 thoughts on “Why We Love Skylights

  1. Nice combination of photos, Dana! Think you have a perfect set up. My only problem would be plant restraint! What a lovely photo of Bette sunning herself. Trying to remember how old she is. So neat to be able to hav so much light in your home. You two have the perfect place — inside and out — for you and your life style, very classy and lovely! Enjoy — Donna 😻

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